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Easily scale your exhibition stand - if necessary

At important trade fairs, a rental booth can achieve valuable results without breaking your budget. If you book stands that are larger than normal two or three times a year, you may want to switch to rental equipment instead of buying a customized exhibition stand. Because when considering the budget, all items must be considered. Know more about exhibition stand builders in Dubai.

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So if you want to have a similar-sized exhibition stand like your competitor, your budget could prove to be a limiting factor. 

Calculate profitability

How do you know how much you should spend on your booth construction? The total cost of attending a trade fair can be very high. So let's do the math: You might be interested in exhibition stand design.

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Let's say your average profit per sale is $5,000. On this basis, analyze your trade fair costs for a possible return on investment. At rough estimates for a trade show, the cost of booking stand space can be around €12,000 for a 20x20 stand. Then add up all the expenses such as travel, literature, and marketing, which can add up to another €8,000. 

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So you have a cost of €20,000 for a 20x20 pitch. On average, a 20x20 stand rental costs between €18,000 and €30,000, which includes all major expenses. If we calculate an average of € 25,000 for this, then the costs for the trade fair participation amount to € 45,000. This calculation assumes that you rent a booth every year.to buy a booth. This significantly reduces the overall cost of attending trade shows over time. Learn more exhibition stand design Dubai.

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The next question is: Does your booth idea generate the number of leads you need to generate at least ten orders (€50,000 profit) in a year - on top of your company's ongoing results? If yes, you are on the right track. If you think attending the show could generate even more leads, maybe it's time to think about a bigger booth. 

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Once you have an idea of ​​your budget and exhibition requirements, these are the next steps:

1. Prioritize the trade fairs and adapt the trade fair stand to the respective sizes.

Start with the trade fair with the highest chance of success for your company. Think about where your biggest competitors are. If you want to be a market leader, your presence at this show must be comparable to your competitors. Renting a booth can help you create a bespoke impact at select trade shows. However, you can also consider expanding your own booth design with rental components. It can make economic sense to invest in a modular exhibition stand that can be expanded with rental elements for one or more leading exhibitions.

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Rentals can be particularly interesting for international trade fair locations where transport costs could exceed the budget. In addition, with a rental option, you can precisely calculate all exhibition costs in advance, since a stand rental is delivered as a package including design, stand hardware, customized graphics, freight, set-up and dismantling.

2. Determine booth requirements and features.

How you use your stand space will depend on a number of factors including the importance of the show to your marketing plans, the size of your budget, the image you wish to project, and the business activities you wish to undertake.

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Some trade shows open up a wide range of things to do in your exhibition space - from product demonstrations to food and drink to live entertainment. Do your homework! When registering for new trade shows, you should know how to present your business in the best possible way.

3. Calculate the rental options of the trade fair organizers or trade fair construction companies

The exhibition manual helps you to understand the specifications of the trade fair and how you can use your stand space. The organizer usually offers a range of booth rentals from official suppliers for items you don't buy and need from show to show, such as B. Carpets, tables, chairs, and lighting.

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Note that the loan items offered by the organizer are limited and may not match the booth design you wish to represent. If you have a precise idea of ​​what your exhibition stand design should look like, you can contact independent exhibition stand construction companies. With many rental items, you are not limited to the providers recommended by the organizer.

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4. Set your trade show dates and plan ahead.

Many shows have long lead times and organizing a high-end rental show takes time. If you wait until the last minute to decide on your stand space and your booth design, you may be late or you may be charged a rush surcharge.

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Plan your marketing strategies in advance to create the perfect exhibition and generate sales. Make sure the right people are on hand, determining how you will interact with your prospects, whether to buy or rent a display and that the booth is designed to match your theme and brand image. Everything takes time.

Easily scale your exhibition stand - if necessary

At important trade fairs, a rental booth can achieve valuable results without breaking your budget. If you book stands that are larger than ...